During the season, tourist hotels throughout the country tend to provide meals buffet-style which gives you the opportunity to try a variety of Bhutanese dishes.  At quieter times a selection of dishes will be brought to the table.  In the larger hotels a la carte service is also available, although they may not always have everything on the menu. Many restaurants, especially in Thimphu, also offer Chinese, Indian or Nepalese dishes.

If you prefer to eat outside the hotel this is easiest in Thimphu – ask your guide for recommendations, as the options are continually changing. If you are craving western food Thimphu has a pizza restaurant (the Seasons) and there are also good cafés such as the Art Café (near the Swiss Bakery) and Karma’s Coffee – probably the only place you will sample fresh ground coffee during your time in Bhutan!

If you want to try local food you can ask your guide to take you to a local restaurant or to be served the food that is served to guides and drivers when you stop on the road. Expect to eat ema datse (chillies and cheese) which is the national dish. As you go further east you should be prepared for less choice and variety, but just see it as a chance to sample the local cuisine!