About us

It is inevitable that Bhutan is changing. Five decades of development have had a dramatic impact on the Kingdom which has moved, in a short span of time, from the medieval age into the 21st century. A mountainous country like Bhutan, which consciously preserves its pristine natural and cultural heritage, needs tourism that harmonizes and sustains the environment and acts synergistically to protect, preserve and conserve both nature and culture.

Inspired and guided by this principle, Himalaya Juu Vacations, a travel company, was set up by Tandin and Jigme. They entered into the travel and hospitality industry after exploring and drawing travel inspirations from many countries and hotspots in Asia including Bali, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia. After their graduation, the two daring and vigorous college mates took a different turn and opened their own travel company. 4 years on the run, the company today boasts of more than 200 new guests every year from various countries, each one departing with a promise to return again.

Himalaya Juu literally translates to ‘The Last Himalaya’. So Bhutan and few other countries in this region is all that’s left of the allegorical Himalayan Fantasy – The Last Shangrila. We are a company that focuses totally to provide a memorable “Travel experience in this Last Himalaya”.

Our primary focus is on designing trips to suit our clients’ personal interests. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach and we work closely with you to make sure that we plan a holiday for you that will meet your expectations. Let us help you begin your journey into an enchanted realm !

Himalaya Juu Vacations is licensed and fully registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan. Our head office is based in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.

Official Media Partner – Misty Terrace Band

At the top of the growing Bhutanese music scene, The Misty Terrace band is currently sweeping through with their gritty guitar hooks, deep lyrics and distinctive vocal harmonies.

Misty Terrace Bhutan

Besides the national tours, in the last few years, the Misty Terrace have repeatedly performed in Delhi & Bangalore (India), Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka at music festivals, national events, and private concerts. It makes them one of the only original artist of Modern Bhutan to stretch their fanbase beyond the mountains into the international market.

The band’s much acclaimed and celebrated Second album featured hits like La Nye NgamNga Gi Ya Mashey, Dawamo & Taktsher Meto. As their fans now stretch across North India, Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal, and into the Tibetan communities around the world, the third album is set to come out this fall 2020.

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