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Misty Terrace is an alternative rock music band at the heart of Bhutan. One of the first original artist of Modern Bhutan to stretch their fanbase beyond the mountains into the international market, Misty Terrace have repeatedly performed in more than 16 countries as their base now stretch across North India, Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal, and into the Tibetan communities around the world.
Misty Terrace

Misty Terrace

They have steadily grown a reputation for their wide variety of original music, sometimes fun and danceable, sometimes stirring and intense.
A voice that emulates mysterious clouds and winds in mountains of Himalayas, Tandin Wangchuk, the frontman of Misty Terrace is not a just a singer but more like a muse who will take you the most beautiful and mysterious world of music that you can find nowhere else except in the magical kingdom of Bhutan.
Misty Terrace is truly an irreplaceable part of Bhutanese music industry in Bhutan that is just about to wake up, ready to share its wonderful music with other parts of the World.

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